Bits Working

Projects & References

USB Looper

Easy to use, standalone media player with great video quality (1080p Full HD, H.264, 45MBit/sec). As seen in Hanakam & Schuller, Kay Walkowiak, Heiligenkreuzerhof, ...

As principal mobile architect at, Chris Hager helped develop the Android strategy and the MeetMe Android App for one of the largest social networks in the USA (with nowadays over 90 million members).

Open Source

Our various open source projects on GitHub


Proxy from web to serial, to flash devices via little web apps.

Ärzte ohne Grenzen

Video showcase app for Android tablets, to show videos at exhibitions and conferences.


Advanced GPIO for the Raspberry Pi

Flock Multiplayer Network

Multiplayer engine and network with cloud backend for Android game developers [1]

Network-Synchronized Video Player

Prototype with Hanakam & Schuller, Dezember 2013


The RGB LED Display For Every Occasion. 960 individually addressable RGB pixels run DIRECTLY at 15 pcs 3.7-4.2V LiPo s in parallell (each 400mAh). [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]


Community and software development

Vendor Android Kiosk

Android Kiosk app for the Metalab Vendor

Most Simple Ajax Chat

The most simple ajax chat ever. With spam filter!

Android Snippets

Android community website to share code snippets

CSS Pivot

Add and edit CSS styles to any website and share the result


Android market overlay

Iconic Memory

Novel memory game for Android devices

Google Play Store

Network Scan

Android app to find hosts and open ports on the local network.

Google Play Store

Connect Four

Multiplayer "connect four" game for Android


Android Color Picker

Color picker library for Android app developers

Django Photoblog

Django source code for a beautiful photo website.

Queen Inject Timer

Android app to perfect Zerg queen injects